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Cooking classes Raleigh, Cooking classes Durham, Cooking classes Chapel Hill, Cooking classes Cary, Cooking classes Morrisville, Cooking classes Carrboro


Private cooking classes are offered for the novice or experienced cook in your home with menus from Thai to Tuscan. The price varies depending on your group size and location. A hands-on class or "cooking party" is usually anywhere from four to twelve people but larger groups can be arranged. These private cooking classes generally concentrate on teaching a complete menu from appetizers through desserts. There will be five courses served. For example: an appetizer, one entree, two side dishes and a dessert. You will do the shopping from a list sent to you after a menu consultation via email. If you prefer I shop, there is a nominal fee.

About cooking classes and cooking lessons for healthy cooking in North Carolina now

Private Cooking Classes and "Cooking Parties,"
by Amanda Cushman


For demonstration private cooking lessons, the group will be seated and can take notes during the class and ask questions. A complete meal will be served and the class will include recipe cards, ingredients and instruction for a per person charge that we can determine depending on the number of students. These private cooking lessons are in the area of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Morrisville, and Carrboro.

The price for a class for one to three person class also is variable depending on location. This hands-on private cooking class is much more focused and will run from two to three hours and the menu can be tailored to consist of a complete meal if desired. There will be many dishes to enjoy at the end, so invite a few friends for dinner! The minimum time frame for a one on one private cooking lesson is three hours. For a series of three private cooking lessons the price is discounted.

Many hosts would like to arrange for gift bags for their guests; this can include customized aprons, kitchen utensils and a signed copy of my new cookbook Simple Real Food. For more information on these items contact me.

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Cooking classes Raleigh, Cooking classes Durham, Cooking classes Chapel Hill, Cooking classes Cary, Cooking classes Morrisville, Cooking classes Carrboro

Private cooking classes in North Carolina are very popular where many people have a great kitchen and would like to entertain more at home. The one on one attention you receive with Chef Amanda is incomparable to being in a group at a nearby cooking school. Private cooking classes in North Carolina can take place at your home at your convenience. Having cooked professionally for over twenty five years, Amanda has many tricks to help you create any meal from the most basic every day foods to an elegant dinner for ten all taught within these private cooking lessons. No experience is required for a private cooking lesson in your home as Amanda will guide you through all techniques from knife skills to how to tell when fish is fresh. Fancy kitchens are also unnecessary as all you need is an apron, knife and cutting board. With a background of teaching cooking in NYC kitchens for over twelve years Amanda can accommodate any space you have even with a group. The menu is planned accordingly for everyone to have a chance to participate in the meal.

Her private cooking lessons include an extensive repertoire that consists of recipes from Morocco to Tuscany. You can choose up to five dishes that comprise a complete menu. The list of ingredients for your private cooking class in North Carolina will also include any equipment you will need. Most of the time we use what is in the average home kitchen, if something is unusual Amanda will bring it with her along with tips on where to buy the item. These private cooking classes offer you everything you will need to know.

Amanda will arrive about forty five minutes before the private cooking lessons begin, at which point she will set up the kitchen with a station for each recipe, all the ingredients will be arranged according to the recipe and your friends simply show up with their cutting board, knife and apron. They will be briefed on the menu and a short demo will be done for important cooking techniques.

Everyone washes their hands and decides where to apply their skills, or for some, try something completely new like baking a cake for the first time.

Many students take private cooking classes as part of a series where we expand on cooking techniques and the student becomes a confident chef after a number of private cooking classes. These private cooking classes can be arranged for anywhere from one to fifteen people and often are part of a cooking club or monthly group activity.

The best part of a private cooking class is you can be in your own home with friends or family and can cook whatever you decide. All levels of experience are welcome and there is always a feast to enjoy at the end. You will go home with your own set of recipes, a satisfied feeling and new confidence in your cooking abilities.

Gift certificates are also available for the any occasion such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries or birthdays.



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My cookbook Simple Real Food can be purchased online.

The price is $24.95 and the book can be sent to your home or office. It can be included with a gift certificate for a cooking class as the perfect present.

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Cooking classes Raleigh, Cooking classes Durham, Cooking classes Chapel Hill, Cooking classes Cary, Cooking classes Morrisville, Cooking classes Carrboro