Why You Can’t Miss Mitsuwa Marketplace

When making a day trip to Manhattan from Connecticut, you probably have your schedule jam-packed with things to do. So stopping by nearby Edgewater, New Jersey is probably the last thing on your mind. However, it’s incredibly easy to get there from Manhattan — it takes only about 20 minutes — and Asian cuisine fans won’t regret stopping at the Mitsuwa Marketplace for a quick lunch or to stock up on hard-to-find fresh-from-Japan ingredients.

Take the Shuttle

Mitsuwa offers a shuttle that takes Manhattanites across the river throughout the day. Just head to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. It costs $4 each way, with discounts for children and seniors. Watch for free ride days and ask about showing a receipt for a free ride back with a minimum Mitsuwa purchase.

Dine and Shop

Mitsuwa consists of a fast food court with ethnic Japanese dishes, such as ramen, soba, Japanese curry and bento lunches. There’s also a grocery store with everything from fresh produce to imported Japanese cooking ingredients and snacks. If you have been hankering to try those uniquely Asian dishes in your own kitchen but couldn’t get your hands on sweet potato vinegar or Japanese sea salt, you’re bound to find the authentic ingredients here. Plus, in the same parking lot are Japanese book and housing goods stores.

Ethnic marketplaces run by people from around the globe offer a much more enriching experience than shopping in the small ethnic foods aisle in your local grocery store. Feel what it’s like to go grocery shopping in Japan right outside of New York, and enjoy foods like bento made by Japanese chefs at Mitsuwa.

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