We have been wanting to try Six Main since it opened about a year ago and finally had the chance last night with another couple. None of us are vegetarians but all of us like to eat that way often and enjoy healthy well prepared food. I make food like this regularly so maybe it isn’t fair for me to critique it but here it is non the less.
I liked it but there were some real faux pas. The atmosphere is ok. Poorly lit in my opinion and it became loud and hard to hear each other once the place filled up. We had just had a drink at River Tavern which is the opposite so this didn’t help.
The service was ok. Rather young, undertrained and slow but trying their best. I asked two different wait people what the berries were that came with the roasted brussel sprouts and neither knew. They also never came back with the answer even though I made a point of asking them to find out. We waited a very long time for our entrees and no one came over to check on us.

We all ordered different entrees and shared a roasted brussel sprout appetizer. I make this dish at least once a week and was very disappointed to find they had not cooked them all the way. It was not meant to be raw and here they were crunchy and hard to chew. They served about six on a long white plate with this berry or grape ( not sure which) as garnish and a few slivers of Parmesan. Not the best value and maybe if they had been cooked properly we would have enjoyed the whole dish more.
Our entrees were the portobello mushroom au poivre, the tempeh sate, and risotto with mushrooms. All were presented nicely although my husband ordered a carbonara pasta that was so salty that none of us could finish a bite. We sent it back and he had the tempeh as well.
I enjoyed the food, it was tasty and satisfying but felt it was overpriced and the portions were small for entrees. Especially since this is just vegetables here!
After teaching the professional program at the Natural Gourmet cooking school in Manhattan I know what truly fine vegan and vegetarian food is and although its nice to have something relatively healthy to chose from for our dining scene here in Chester I don’t think this is in that category.
I would  try it again and see if something else stands out as all the other reviewers seem to have thought.

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