Indian food is all about the ingredients and without the correct spices the food isn’t the same. Finding great Indian markets is a challenge unless you live near or in a large metropolitan area. In L.A. thankfully there are many places to buy the right ingredients to prepare the perfect Indian dinner. One of my all time favorites is Samosa House in Culver City. It is a rather large space that also serves delicious vegetarian food that is prepared in the back. Served cafeteria style the food is very good and priced right; a large dinner plate with three course and rice is about $10.
The store has everything you would want or need including a huge selection of refrigerated items, aisles of spices, rice and beans and snacks and a very small fresh produce area.

On your next trip to this neighborhood make sure to have lunch or take some food home for dinner.

11510 West Washington Blvd.
Culver City, Ca.
310 398 6766


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