I am constantly on the look out for specialty markets and specifically Asian and Middle Eastern food. I love walking into a market with shelves filled with products from another country, spices I have never seen, jars of items that I have no idea what they are. Something about it makes the world seem smaller and more connected. I don’t feel such a hankering to get on a plane and travel (as I do on a regular basis) when I can find the products I need to create dishes from another part of the world.

Such a market exists right up 95 from me called New Asia Market. It is an Asian food lovers paradise and carries all sorts of produce, rice wrappers, noodles, condiments and canned ¬†goods. Everything you need to make Pad Thai, Pho Noodle Soup, Green Papaya Salad- it’s all here. I love this place. It is the closest fully stocked Asian market around the other ones being located in New Haven. Enjoy your experience there and feel what a small world it is.

646 Long Hill Road
Groton, Ct.
860 449 9177

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