I am always on the lookout for ethnic markets and find going into them like a museum for the food lover. I especially like Asian markets because they have some very cool stuff, often unknown to me, which I sometimes buy and decide what to make when I get home. But the people who work at many of these markets will assist if they can, just ask.

This is a very lovely market in New Haven and it’s clean as a whistle. Charming place with a ton of choices from groceries to meat to produce. I bought a large amount of staples (two bags full) for $30 so I think the prices are decent. They have a ton of snacks and Asian “junk” food which is fun. I purchased a wonderful package of Chinese sausage that comes vacuum packed and needs to be cooked before eaten. I steamed a few and sliced them up as an appetizer and man, these were addictive. Spicy and sweet as most Asian foods are and very similar to a jerky type of meat. These were not a healthy snack as I found by looking at the wrapper but oh well!

There is a fish department but the day I went they were cleaning the whole area so alas, no fish.
I will be back for more when I run out of soba, those sausages and sticky rice!

15 Orange St
Ste 222
New Haven, CT 06510

(203) 782-1234

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