Whenever we visit the Netherlands we make a point to have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants Tempo Doeloe on Utrechtsestraat 75. This is one of the best Indonesian restaurants in the city and in my opinion of all time! The Rijsttafel is the thing to order and it consists of small dishes from mild to insanely hot that are served with a number of condiments to tame the heat and add flavor. The small dishes consist of a variety of meats and vegetables all cooked in their own sauces served with plenty  of rice to go with each dish both white and turmeric flavored. Shredded coconut serves as a way to calm the heat as the dishes progress to very hot. The service is friendly and efficient and the small, cozy quaint room is charming and inviting.

We have enjoyed this restaurant for many years and will return on our next visit. Remember to make a reservation as the place is booked way ahead due to many fabulous reviews and of course  Anthony Bourdain reviewed it on his show not too long ago which makes it even harder to get in to now.

Utrechtsestraat 75
1017 VJ Amsterdam
Neighborhood: Centrum


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