Since I enjoy cooking Thai, Vietnamese and occasionally Korean food I made a point of sourcing a couple of wonderful Asian markets the second week after we moved to Durham. My hair dresser clued me in to Li Ming’s Global Mart. She is a gorgeous Filipino woman and got into talking food right way. This is more than an Asian market as the name says; they carry products from the West Indies, Mexico, all parts of Asia and Indian ingredients. It’s a huge store and has a large seafood, meat and produce section. The produce is not the freshest I have seen but if you pick and chose you can find what you are looking for.

Then there is Shilla Oriental Market which is quite small but carries many of the dried goods you need for a delicious Asian meal with more of a focus on Korean and Japanese items such as Korean chills and homemade kimchi.

S Mart is in Cary and I have not had time to check them out yet but hear it’s authentic Korean mainly and has a yummy cafe with really good authentic Korean food such as galbi, bulgogi, and kimchi.

Mikyin’s Asian Market in Carrboro is a Thai centered market that is small but will carry all your Thai ingredients and  as with all of these markets the prices are decent.

World Mart  3400 Westgate Dr Durham, NC 27707

Shilla 2107 Allendown Drive, Durham, NC, 27713

Mikyin’s 104 NC 54 Carrboro, NC 27510

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