Los Angeles has many choices for Indian food and supplies and many of these family run grocers also serve food. Two of my favorites on the West side are; Samosa House on Washington Blvd and India Sweets and Spices on Venice.

Both carry a huge selection of spices, groceries, frozen and fresh items including some interesting produce and of course the ever important kari leaves.

Samosa House also has a rather large vegetarian cafeteria style buffet where you can get a great meal for less than ten dollars complete with brown or white rice, naan, three mains and a side of raita. Where else in L.A. can you get a hot meal for this price!  The atmosphere is humble and very casual with tables near the front window, plastic trays and the ever present Bollywood videos playing endlessly on the TV near your table. I love this place and often ordered appetizers to go when hosting an Indian dinner at my house. The staff is very efficient and somewhat friendly and will help you find items that you may not know. Not to be confused with Samosa House Two which is also on Washington Blvd. but on the corner of Overland and is purely a restaurant and actually not as good.

India Sweets and Spices is a chain and there are at least three that I know of in LA. The one on Venice is on the corner of Main in Culver city and is smaller than Samosa House by a long shot but sometimes has items that Samosa House doesn’t. They also have the vegetarian steam table going and serve similar meals that you can enjoy outside at picnic tables in front of the store.

In Artesia there are a host of Indian grocers that carry a much larger selection of produce and groceries. You can find them at http://www.artesiaindia.us
Samosa House
10700 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232

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