We were excited to hear of a Vietnamese restaurant in Chester opening above one of our favorite places L & E and stopped by to try it out a couple weeks ago.
Unfortunately it was a huge disappointment for a number of reasons. Most importably the food is not anything close to authentic and what we ordered was lacking in flavor, difficult to eat and not anything like true Vietnamese food. We checked out the very limited menu and decided there wasn’t much of interest and chose to share a couple of appetizers and a beer.

The chicken wings came out on a long wooden board and were oddly large, messy and swimming in hoisin sauce. There wasn’t any elegant way to eat them and the sauce was overpowering and not what I have had in any Vietnamese place before. There was nothing “crispy” about them even though the menu advertised them as such and there wasn’t a hint of the schezuan chilies that they were supposed to be glazed with. They had to be eaten as finger food and we needed a wet towel after finishing the wings ( we were both hungry). We split an order of their vegetable spring rolls which were bland and had no sign of the usual herbs (basil, mint, cilantro) and were mainly rice noodles. There was a sauce of some kind, seemed to be peanut sauce which made them edible. Traditionally these are served with nuoc cham which is the typical Vietnamese dipping sauce and was sadly missing from this dish.

The service was also scattered and slow and we didn’t get waited on for quite a while even though there was only one other couple in the place.

Vietnamese food is my favorite and is a wonderful blend of French and Chinese resulting in a light, flavorful enticing cuisine based heavily on rice, fish, pork, fish sauce, spices, aromatics, lime, chilies and fresh herbs.
We did not experience any of this at Bon Voi and weren’t sure what the identity of the place was.

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